Chinese Herbal Medicine

Herbalists focus on supporting and maintaining health rather than fighting disease. Many herbalists believe the strength of botanicals is their capacity to support the body as it finds its healing path. In other words, the focus of practice is not placed on herbs “fixing” you, but rather on nurturing your intrinsic capacity for healing. Our herbalists are trained to provide personalized herbal formulas, as well as lifestyle and dietary recommendations, during your consultation. A large part of your work together will focus on learning to listen and respond to your body’s signals. This emphasis on self-care encourages you to develop a deep connection with your body.

Chinese Herbal Medicine is the most widely practiced herbal tradition in the world. It has a rich and sophisticated system of diagnosis to address a variety of conditions. According to the oldest text, herbal medicine can be used for three reasons: to alleviate specific symptoms (the lowest level of treatment), to rectify imbalances in the body (the middle level), and to promote longevity (the highest level). This ancient perspective is still with us at Revibe as we create herbal formulations to address the complexities of the whole person.

Chinese herbal medicine is almost always prescribed in formulas, not as individual herbs. Each formula is specifically tailored to assist an individual’s movement toward improved health. As with people, the relationships between individual medicinals potentiate various qualities within them. Combinations work synergistically to balance the complex dysfunctions of the client. Prescribing herbs in this way not only makes certain qualities more powerful, it also reduces side effects and aids digestion.

The formulas are available in capsule, pill, raw (to be cooked at home) and herbal tea forms.