Claire Alatan O.M.D. LAc, Revibe Co-Founder

Claire Alatan is a doctor of Oriental Medicine and a passionate practitioner and advocate for the efficacy and transformative power of OM, a wisdom-based healing art that has progressed and stood the test of time for the past five thousand years.

Through the years Claire has studied extensively with international OM masters. She has deepened her knowledge and understanding of the causes of diseases, the link between diseases and not living according to one’s authentic self, and the application of therapies and wisdom to treat and prevent disharmonies on all levels of a person.

During her years of clinical practice in DC and NYC, many people, children or adults consider her as their go-to doctor for acute and chronic physical pain and ailments, sports injuries and emotional distress. Her clients attest to the efficacy and transformation power of her acupuncture and Chinese herb therapies.

Claire enjoys skiing, painting and jogging along the East River.