Abbi Klein, LCSW

Abbi comes to us after spending the past decade successfully integrating her experience and training in relational psychotherapy with yoga philosophy and practice, providing a holistic approach to both individual and group therapeutic work.

She enjoys working with people in the present moment; exploring how the ways we have learned to adapt may live on in the present and how these may interfere with the current creative, spontaneous, and adaptive self. She believes in working together to build warm, collaborative, person-centered relationships.

Abbi's therapeutic emphasis is toward the greater integration of mind and body; through cultivating and understanding the interplay between the cognitive, emotional, physical, and spiritual aspects of one’s self, one can gain greater control and mastery in life. In doing so, her goal is to create a supportive space to help people in bringing more peace, joy, and fulfillment into their lives. She believes that when one is seen and accepted for who they are, the best of possible worlds can be created.

Abbi loves snowboarding, being near trees and bodies of water, and petting all friendly animals she meets.