The Revibe Experience

Modern life can be stressful.

Different forms of treatment have been created to help people deal the emotional, physical, and psychological consequences of living today.

Psychotherapy, Acupuncture, Massage, and other healing modalities have proven themselves useful; but the integration of these has yet to be explored. We believe that there is significant value in the combination of these modalities.

Our team of practitioners and therapists have decades of combined experience in treating these issues and are committed to taking the clinical efficacy to an unprecedented level with this revolutionary, collaborative approach.

We work collaboratively and offer a wide variety of services to meet your specific needs. Our hope is that by integrating different healing modalities together, we can offer more effective treatment for our clients.

Meet the Revibe Team


Claire Alatan D.O.M. (Doctor of Oriental Medicine, Board Certified Acupuncturist, Chinese Herbalist)

Dr. Alatan gained quite a reputation in the Greater Washington DC area for her excellent acupuncture and Chinese herbs skills and more importantly, her passion in helping her patients live a healthier and happier life. To understand the wisdom of the five-thousand-year-old Traditional Chinese Medicine and grasp its amazing clinical efficacy, she studied and apprenticed under some world-renowned Chinese medicine masters i.e. Dr. Weichien Yang, Dr. Richard Tan and Dr. Huang Huang etc.. Prior to moving to New York City, she ran a busy clinic in suburb Washington DC where her patients experience great improvements of their conditions for the first time in many years after seeing her. Whether you are suffering from pain, insomnia, allergies, infertility or nervousness. anxiety, depression. Dr. Alatan and her team will help you achieve treatment goals that is hard to achieve elsewhere!



Ting Lung, L.Ac.

Dr. Ting Lung has been practicing Acupuncture since 2003, following in the footsteps of his father who began practicing Acupuncture in the tri-state area in the late 1970’s. In addition, Ting also practices craniosacral therapy. Through getting his MD and attending acupuncture school, Ting believes in integrating Eastern and Western medicine to provide comprehensive and holistic care for his clients. Ting specializes is pain management, lyme’s disease, smoking, drug & alcohol abuse, depression, anxiety, stress management, sleep disturbances, and the optimization of the body’s immune system. In his free time, Ting is an avid skier and hiker. Nature is his escape.



Andrew Tepper, LCSW

 Andrew Tepper has over 15 years of experience in group and individual psychotherapy, first as a program director at Four Winds Hospital, and then in private practice at The Riverwalk Group in Stamford, CT. Andrew believes that successful treatment is predicated on having a strong bond, or ‘therapeutic alliance,’ between the client and therapist. He listens deeply and reflectively to sustain a connective, compassionate, and safe environment that promotes trust, healing, and personal growth. Andrew specializes in working with pre-adolescents, adolescents, adults and families. His areas of interest include anxiety, depression, mood disorders, stress reduction, anger management, and conflict resolution. Andrew holds a Bachelors Degree in Psychology from Bates College and received his Masters of Social Work degree from Columbia University School of Social Work. He has received extensive training in Psychodrama, Sociometry, and Group Psychotherapy from the Hudson Valley Psychodrama Institute. In addition, he draws from years of training in Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), Collaborative Problem Solving (CPS), and Mindfulness techniques to mitigate symptoms of depression and anxiety. In addition, Andrew has consulted as a facilitator for the Eileen Fisher Leadership Institute, devoting over three years to working with Veterans through the non-profit organization Intersections International. In his free time, Andrew enjoys spending time with friends and family, jogging as a meditative practice, and making music. He also enjoys traveling, laughing, and culinary adventures.